Before Buying  a used car make sure to check the vehicle history report



If you're in the market for a secondhand automobile, you probably don't want to purchase a guy.
Carfax provides automobile history information to used car buyers and sellers in the United States and Canada, and there are three methods to get a free Carfax report.

When you look for a used automobile on the Carfax website or on sites like and, you're getting a good deal.

On a vehicle dealer's or a car dealership's website

Through a private seller.

Keep in mind, however, that not every internet ad, auto dealership, or individual seller is eligible for a free Carfax Vehicle History Report. It's also worth noting that a Carfax report does not cover every aspect of a vehicle's history.

What is the problem with my car records?

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What exactly is a Carfax report?

How can I get a free Carfax report?

What should I check for in a car history report?

What should I do now that I've seen the car history report?

What exactly is a Carfax report?

Carfax generates a car history record based on information gathered from U.S. motor vehicle authorities, police departments, fire departments, collision repair centres, auto auctioneers, and other sources. Carfax claims that their car history database has more than 22 billion entries.

Each report is based on data provided to Carfax for a particular, 17-digit vehicle identification number, or VIN, which offers information about the car's history.

A Serious Mishap

Current occupants

History of maintenance

Losses in the structural framework

Manufacturer's recall

Taking a look at the odometer

Data on warranties

Carfax claims its reviews can help you avoid buying a vehicle with hidden faults, such as collision damage.

"Accidents are always a huge issue, and a little mishap might be a deal-breaker for many," said Carfax spokesman Jim Sharifi. "However, if the automobile was in a small accident and the damage was repaired correctly, it may still be a large car. As a result, we've taken additional steps to define the location and severity of the accident damage in our car history reports."

How am I going to acquire a free Carfax report?

Carfax provides three methods for obtaining a free Carfax Vehicle History Study.

1. Used vehicle listings

Carfax states that every vehicle offered for sale on their website comes with a free Carfax report. Websites such as and may also provide free Carfax reports with their listings. If there is no link to a free Carfax report on the used vehicle page, Carfax recommends getting one from the dealer.

2. Car dealerships

Many used automobile dealerships provide free Carfax reports on their websites. If you don't find a link to a free report, Carfax recommends contacting the dealer to get one. Reports may also be obtained by contacting a vehicle dealership.

3. Commercial suppliers

If you're thinking about purchasing a used automobile from a private dealer, get a free Carfax report. Keep in mind that the seller may not have a report or may be hesitant to share the vehicle's history, according to Carfax's website.

What's the deal with my car records?

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What are some alternatives to a free Carfax report?

Aside from getting a free Carfax report, there are many more options to obtain a free car history record.

Request information from another source for free.

Vehicle history data is also available through companies such as and AutoCheck. provides car history information based on data connected to the VIN or licence plate number of the vehicle, such as injuries, odometer readings, and losses. promotes its car history records as a low-cost alternative to Carfax and competitors' reports.

AutoCheck only offers a free two- or three-digit vehicle history score that ranks the vehicle's history. To get the car's complete history, you must purchase a report.

Purchase the vehicle study's history

In addition to the different websites that provide car history reports, the federal government's National Motor Vehicle Title Information System includes licenced vehicle history providers beginning at $2.95. These reports, which are primarily designed to offer data on indications important to the prevention of auto-fraud and theft, often include title information, past damage, and odometer readings—but nothing more. The system gathers data from three sources: auto recyclers, scrap yards, and junkyards.

The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, says that since the facts in one report from one firm may be incomplete, you should consider acquiring a second report from another company.

If the report is out of date, or you believe the contents are incomplete or collected incorrectly, the FTC suggests contacting the organisation that generated the report for clarification.

What exactly should I check for in a car history report?

When you get a car history report, here are some questions that some dealers recommend you ask.

Is the automobile engaged in a collision?

What kind of damage did the automobile cause?

Have you ever wrecked your car?

Have you received any recall notices from the manufacturer?

Does it seem like the odometer has been tampered with?

How many owners did the automobile have?

What type of maintenance and repairs has the automobile received?

What should I do after reading the car history report?

A vehicle history report from Carfax or another company might assist you decide whether to purchase a car. However, this isn't the only factor to consider.

For example, the FTC emphasises that a car history report is not a substitute for a vehicle check by an independent technician, even if the vehicle has been certified by the dealer or comes with a guarantee. This assessment might reveal hidden damage and other issues.

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A vehicle history report, whether free or paid for, may be a useful tool when purchasing a used automobile. While a vehicle history report cannot reveal everything about a car's past, it may help you make a better educated purchase choice.

Here are some additional measures to follow if you're purchasing a secondhand automobile.

Go on a test drive.

Examine the service logs.

Identify the value till the price is agreed upon.

Investigate the vehicle's maintenance and repair expenses.

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